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The Ultimate List of Top 10 Gaming Laptops in 2021 for Gamers

10 Top Gaming Laptops

Gaming has evolved over the years; remember those days when you can only play games on consoles and TV? Then came the age of PCs, you could just buy a CD of your favorite game, install it on your PC and you are good to go. But nowadays, laptops are being created that are strong enough to play your favorite games seamlessly just like you are using a PC, such laptops are called “gaming laptops.” 

This is not your usual everyday laptop; these laptops are designed with high screen resolutions, GPUs dedicated to playing the most graphic-intensive games out without your laptop blowing up in your face. So in this article, we would be looking at the top gaming laptops in 2021.


The main reason why the G15 ranks higher than its predecessor is because it is an upgrade to all that made the G14 and also an improvement when you consider that the keyboard backlighting issues that plagued the G14 are absent from the Asus ROG Zephyrus making it the best and the lightest 15-inch gaming laptop in 2021. 


The lightness of this laptop is no excuse at all as the laptop produces such powerful performance that you would think you are playing games using a real console. It is powered by the best of AMD and Nvidia chips, packed with a 1440p display, rendering you the best gaming display and experience at a pocket-friendly price.

The audio output is also great, it comes with a 6-speaker array with quality bass, you would be playing God of War 4, Call of Duty, GTA V, and other awesome games out there and you won’t be disappointed with the audio output. Its battery is highly impressive, averaging eight and half hours of battery life, the keyboard design is also stylish. Considering it is primarily a gaming laptop, the absence of a webcam should not be that much of a downside.


Zephyrus G14, too many game heads, would still stand undisputed as the number one gaming laptop for 2021 even and this is not just about sentiments, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 packs the best gaming performance for a portable 14-inch display and it has a capable cooling unit, delivering a butter-smooth gaming display.


The AMD Ryzen and Nvidia RTX graphics-powered gaming laptop produced the best gaming performance and display for a laptop its size and it is packed with one of the most powerful processors in the market today, it just takes every game thrown at it like a sturdy boss. 

The laptop’s design is polished too and it makes a very beautiful daily driver, it is very light and you can easily move it around. The keyboard, touchpad are all well designed and its port selection is well thought out, it has great battery life also but it does not come with a webcam. 


The design on this beast of a gaming laptop is incredible; you just got to fall in love with it. The white chassis design and build are premia, you rest assured that you would be playing with this monster for years to come and the keyboard is very much comfortable when in use.


But the m15’s design is not the only thing going for it, it delivers such performance that this could serve as a benchmark for other laptops in terms of what a top gaming laptop should be about, should have, imagine that you can play all your favorite games in sparkling 4K display? Don’t imagine it, go and get this laptop and you would be in awe.

top gaming laptop

While the pricing could be a bit up there, the Intel Core i7, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 powered machine is real value for any amount you dish out for it. It delivers everything you desire from a gaming laptop, it is easily one of the top gaming laptops in the market, but it does have its downside as the fans can get a bit too loud and the keyboards can be quite hot to touch.

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The Razer Blade gaming laptop is all about the size, it comes featuring a massive 17-inch display, you must be thinking this is going to be a big butted, heavy animal, but this is where it excelled. It is much thin and lightweight, it will size seamlessly into your usual backpack without a need to squeeze it in before zipping up the backpack.


Pro 17 comes in different specifications, but a game freak would want to go for its 300Hz screen display variant, the 300Hz screen laptop is the highest refresh rate you can get on a top gaming laptop, but someone aiming to combine play with work could settle for its 120Hz model.

Considering its top-notch and premium specification, this laptop is quite expensive, but it is the best of the best when it comes to producing raw portable laptop gaming power. So if you can put all that power into use, you won’t regret puking top dollar for this lion of a gaming laptop.


Dell G5 I5 doesn’t look flashy; it can even pass for your usual laptop. But this device from Dell is the top gaming laptop for its price out there. The machine still provides a very powerful gaming experience despite its low range price and its AMD Ryzen 7 processor is capable of delivering a smooth 1080p display without much strain on the machine.


While the laptop does pretty much everything and boasts a strong battery life, considering its price, there have to be some compromises, first, the laptop can get pretty hot under strain and its plastic build makes it look bland and unassuming, difficult to distinguish from a normal laptop. But overall this laptop delivers much more than the money priced on it and can easily compete with other 1080p display laptops out there.


Perhaps Acer aimed at cannibalizing the competition that was why Triton 500 was named predator because this gaming machine packs one of the most impressive displays and specifications. The display especially is a beauty to behold when it is in action; it produces arguably the fastest refresh rates at 300Hz with its 15.6-inch 1080p screen.


Predator gaming laptop’s Nvidia Gefore RTX 2080 Super GPU easily runs your usual AAA titles at max graphical settings, while its core i7 processor lets you carry out other daily tasks without any form of stutters or hanging. The gaming device also packs excellent ports to aid easy connectivity and it allows connectivity to external monitors, this is where you experience the gaming laptop’s excellent display capabilities.

Considering its blasting display and insane performance, something has to give, right? The laptop can get too hot for comfort when playing graphic-intensive games and it also takes a huge toll on its battery life. Other than that, this top gaming laptop delivers performance and design that is nothing less than premium.

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Now this laptop is huge and heavy but there’s a good reason for that, a reason that if you can look past it, then you are in for a PC-level laptop gaming experience, did I just give a spoiler? Area 51-M gaming computer comes with a desktop-class processor, coupled with a fully powered mobile GPU chip. Alienware manages to cramp complete, upgradeable desktop components into this machine, resulting in a kind of hybrid gaming system.


And when we say upgradeable, it means you can swap out its processor, RAM, and storage, so you can upgrade this behemoth as premium as your heart desires it to be. So if a game freak can manage its size and heaviness, then you have a top heavy-duty gaming laptop that will serve you eons, all you need to do is swap out the part for an upgraded version as the requirements for top graphic games increases.

Despite its large size, Alienware Area 51-M is beautiful and it gives a glimpse of what is possible with gaming computers, in fact, it’s proving that anything is possible in the laptop gaming world. But we can not really give the praise to the placement of its ports, but that can be overlooked or managed as the case may be.


Blade 15 has a futuristic design, it’s sleek and slim, but it packs powerful specs and a rugged-looking body, it’s sure to serve you for a long while without taking much physical damage. The display though is its major talking point, it comes in 2 high-level variants, the 4K OLED touch screen, and 300Hz 1080p display. 


Now while it is not as powerful as its 17-inch display sibling, the Blade 15 gaming laptop produces very reliable gaming performance and it takes the route of balancing size and performance. It provides a user-friendly keyboard and the touchpad is much roomy. 

The high-level display takes its toll on this beautiful laptop for gamers, it can get very hot during gameplay and the battery life also suffers greatly, but overall the Razer Blade 15 is one of the best mid-sized top gaming laptops for 2021. 


Considering one might fancy gaming in a dark room, this gamer’s laptop is flashy and lights up a room with its beautifully designed RGB lighting, comfortable to use the keyboard, and a glowing logo on its lid. It also has a customizable colorful light strip wrapped around the front of the deck. This gaming will turn heads when you use it in public as well.


Strix is also beautiful on the inside too, it packs a 15-inch display, powered by Nvidia’s premium chips running on a 300Hz screen with an Intel processor. It also renders flexible enough settings that make it adjustable, depending on the kind of games one is playing such as its color profiles and bandwidth allocation.

All this combined expertly by the manufacturers, results in a Strix gaming laptop that produces high performance with great battery life and is portable. It is a premium laptop, traditional in its design with some great flashy effects. You want to show off, go get this one.


Razer Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop provides the best of disguises, at first glance, you assume it is just a laptop, it’s even thinner than a MAC, you are sitting at a conference or a classroom and people won’t even know you came in with a beautiful, sleek and powerful gaming laptop. While it doesn’t boast the most powerful performance and display, considering some sacrifices had to be made to make it be this thin, the Stealth 13 still runs AAA titled games at native resolution, it is packed with a 120Hz.


With its size and weight which is almost the same as a MacBook Pro 16-inch, you won’t have trouble taking it wherever you go and using it however you like without much strain on your arms, users of Alienware Area 51-M will resonate with what I’m saying here.

The stealth 13 comes in a 13-inch chassis, offering a whooping 1080p display with a 120Hz refresh rate and it has four stereo speakers that use THX Spatial Audio, bringing a 7.1 surround sound to please your ears as your pound on those pads. It is a gaming ultrabook, boasting a sturdy creation with decent webcams, the keyboard is colorful too.


We intentionally did not rank these gaming laptops from first to last. Each top gaming laptop seems designed to suit individuals based on their tastes. A game head who wants the real PC performance experience in a portable version at all costs would go for the Alienware Area 51-M without thinking twice. There are those designed to meet the needs of premium users, those designed for budget gamers, and those who like to travel light and keep a low profile will jump at the Razer Blade Stealth 13.

It is all a matter of choice, and the laptops we have picked will definitely meet any of your needs or preferences.

Image Source: Freepik, Amazon

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